Cry-sis needs your help in understanding what today's parents need. Please will you spend a few minutes to complete this questionnaire, it will help us to help you

What do you, as parents, want from Cry-sis?

Where would you normally go for information

How would you like to get your information

Do you have support and help from partner, close family or friends?

Were you prepared for looking after a baby? 

Did you understand that 20% of new borns cry excessively? 

Are you able to cope with a crying baby?

How much sleep are you getting at night

Do you have the baby in bed with you at night?

Does it concern you that the baby is at risk for SIDS when co-sleeping?

Are you concerned about leaving a baby to cry for a few minutes while you use the checking method or have a break to make cup of tea? 

What is it that worries you?

What do you think may happen?

Would you be prepared to keep a simple sleep or crying diary to help you understand the crying patterns?

Would you be prepared to help other parents by taking part in further studies?

or become a Cry-sis volunteer in the future?

If Yes to either of the above questions, please leave your contact details and we will get back to you. Your details will be used solely for this purpose and will remain totally confidential.



You do not need to leave your contact details if you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for your time.